Monday, March 26, 2012

Geometric shapes in Penguins

TOO MUCH FUN!  I totally loved this project with Kindergarten this year....  I did get the idea off of someone's blogspot...  but I cannot remember who's...  My apologies for not writing it down!  One of my favorite blog's is: 
I had the kids use simple geometric shapes to make these penguins!  An upside down "U" for the penguin body, a smaller one for the white parts of the body, circles, triangles, ovals, and rectangles make up the rest of the body!
For the snowflakes in the background, we used scrap pieces of cardboard dipped in white paint to make the beautiful prints.  I teach them to make the letter "x" with a "t" and that will give them a snowflake shape.

Mosaic Igloo's

I totally loved making the hallways all full of winter....  When the kindergarten classes made these adorable Mosaic style igloo's I just had to make some Eskimo to go with them.  It's a fun, short little kindergarten project that the kids can make in 1 class period.  We start out with a white crayon drawing an upside down "U" shape for the igloo home, and then we add a door and fill it in with white pieces of paper. 
The lesson is awesome for teaching appropriate amounts of glue:  "dot dot, not a lot".

Paul Klee

 Second graders were read the book in the "Getting to know the worlds Greatest Artists" about Paul Klee.  The students learned about abstract artwork and then made their own "Senecio" painting inspired by Klee.  The students used a circle template to make a head and incorporated lines and shapes with a black marker.  Oil pastels were used to color them in.  I love the way they turned out.