Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ornaments that show FORM!

That's right 4th grade!  Students did an EXCELLENT job using tints and shades to make their ornaments look round.  I was so proud of how the students worked on their projects with lots of care to make them the best they could be.
Day 1:  Students drew 5 circles and painted them
Day 2:  Cut out ornaments, draw on them, glitter (optional) and assemble to their green sprays of tree.

Snow globes

Sixth graders made snow globes of any subject matter they wanted.  Yes, this is on display for concert day, but hobbies, interests, pets, anything goes.  Students love free choice to make what they want.  What a perfect assignment for doing that@!

Printed Poinsettias

5th graders made these poinsettia's by painting with sponges.  Students could use whatever color they wanted to use...  Any colors to make the hallways bright and beautiful.  Quick and easy project.  Got the idea off of Deep Space Sparkle.

Patterned Elf Stockings

Kindergarten students used PATTERNS for their stockings.  They are so good at saying what patterns are, and we are working on using patterns in our artwork!  Fun fun!

3-D Gingerbread Houses

First Graders made these adorable gingerbread houses.  I wish I would have left a little more time for students to work on these because a lot of the students wished that they would have had more time.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  They were on the floor of the hallway- only for the day of the winter concert.  More than that I'm sure we would have had some disruption to the homes as they were getting viewed. Hope the kids and their families enjoyed this project!

Abstract "contemporary" winter trees

2nd graders made a batik type project.  Students drew 3 triangles (with trunks) and colored with HEAVY crayon any kind of design or pattern they wanted.  They painted it black tempera and ran it under the sink to see the crayon and the paint.  Day 2:  Cut out trees, glitter, and glue them onto tan music paper.  Added snowflakes with a white crayon for background.  LOVED IT!  Fun one to do.

through my window

Third graders made these very cool pictures of winter trees.  The requirement of the project:  1 tree in the foreground, one in the middle ground, and one in the background.  Anything else they wanted to add was up to them.  A very FUN art project.  It fits in perfectly with our units on showing space/depth in a picture.  I hope people that came to the winter concert enjoyed looking at the pictures through the halls.

Mr. Gingerbread!

First National Bank has 8ft. gingerbread made out of plywood painted brown.  They gave one to each of the area schools to decorate how ever they wanted to decorate.  I was a little nervous about getting this done on time, but I sure had some AWESOME helpers at school to execute this project.  I LOVE how it turned out.
Already starting to think, what should I decorate the gingerbread as next year??
They were on display for the month of December down at the bank....  They were featured outside at the local Holiday Stroll on Second Street in Muscatine.