Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tape Textures

Tape Textures is my first project of the year with Kindergarten students.  It's an awesome project because it doesn't take long and it's successful while you are trying to get to know students names, where they are sitting, and of course- materials are relatively easy.

First:  I already tear strips of masking tape all along a table, a shelf, or the drying rack so materials are readily available when the students come into the room.  Tear a lot of tape!

Second:  When students come to your room and sit down I pre-write their names on all of their papers.  It's awesome because some of them don't know how to write their names, and if they do know how to write their names it's not legible.

Anyhoo- have the kids take a piece of tape and stick it to their paper.  Then, have them go get about 3 more pieces of tape each trip taking one piece of tape at a time (so all the tape doesn't get stuck to each other).  The kids can make any shape, design, or whatever letter they want.

Third:  When the tape is on their paper.  Have them turn it over so you cannot see any of the masking tape.  Here's where the magic comes in!!!  (yes, I do pretend I'm a magician at this point rubbing my hands together and making it as dramatic as I can)....  Now that we cannot SEE any of your tape...  Let's make it re-appear!  Use crayons that have their wrappers taken off.  Have students use the crayons "Laying down"  (I tell students our crayons are very very tired today.  Instead of standing up to color, these crayons are so sleepy, they want to lay down on the paper).

ABOVE:  The students are rubbing the paper to "find" all of their tape from the other side.  Encourage them to color the whole page and use more than one color.   That's how the work becomes so beautiful!

Fourth:  Kids create a tape texture.  The bump from the tape is just enough so that you can see a "texture" of the pattern that the kids created!!

Seating Charts for the first day

Ok... the first week has been so great.  I love seeing all the faces of the kids.  Anyhoo....  this post is about seating arrangements in my room.
First of all- I hate assigning every kid to a spot in my room.  With over 400 kids in school it is a daunting task that I dislike very much.  So, a few years ago a student helped me come up with this awesome idea that works awesome without taking a ton of my time.  Win Win.

These laminated cards have a number on one side (telling them which table to sit at) and the back of the card has a shape of either a star, circle, or triangle.  The shape tells them which seat is theirs at their table.
(ABOVE)  This is the card I hand the students right when I greet them and they walk into my room.
If there is a problem with where students are placed:  by all means- move them.  But I love this seating system because students know it's random and I'm not "picking" on anyone by placing them at a certain spot... or by someone they don't like.  Any grumbling:  I just say- just wait until next seating arrangement and you'll have a new spot!
(ABOVE):  This is the sign that is taped to the ceiling in my room so the student can figure out where they are supposed to sit.