Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seating Charts for the first day

Ok... the first week has been so great.  I love seeing all the faces of the kids.  Anyhoo....  this post is about seating arrangements in my room.
First of all- I hate assigning every kid to a spot in my room.  With over 400 kids in school it is a daunting task that I dislike very much.  So, a few years ago a student helped me come up with this awesome idea that works awesome without taking a ton of my time.  Win Win.

These laminated cards have a number on one side (telling them which table to sit at) and the back of the card has a shape of either a star, circle, or triangle.  The shape tells them which seat is theirs at their table.
(ABOVE)  This is the card I hand the students right when I greet them and they walk into my room.
If there is a problem with where students are placed:  by all means- move them.  But I love this seating system because students know it's random and I'm not "picking" on anyone by placing them at a certain spot... or by someone they don't like.  Any grumbling:  I just say- just wait until next seating arrangement and you'll have a new spot!
(ABOVE):  This is the sign that is taped to the ceiling in my room so the student can figure out where they are supposed to sit.

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