Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Name Kaleidescopes!

I love this project.  I found this idea from a very old Arts and Activities Magazine.  The students take a 12x12" piece of white paper and fold it like an "x"  (Fold Diagonally both directions).  Then the student will fold their paper in a "t"shape (horizontal fold and vertical fold).  Now, refold all of your fold lines so that only a triangle will be shown.  Write your name in bubble letters so that it completely fills up the triangle. Outline with a black crayon.  Transfer with a craft stick and retransfer until all of the triangles are full.  
I let the students choose their material to color with.  Some used paint, oil pastels, markers, colored pencils, or a combination of materials.
The key elements about this project: Use repetition (of colors) and the use of Radial balance.  What fun!  The students sure did a nice job with their projects! 

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