Thursday, September 27, 2012


 2nd graders made these cool dinosaur pictures!  We first started off by reading the book:  Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggery Shields.  It's a fun rhyming book.  We began this project by using Spectra tissue paper (it bleeds). 
1)  We started by taking small tissue paper pieces and placing them on the white paper. 
Take a clean paint brush to make the tissue stick to the white paper...  Add PLENTY of water.
Let dry.
2)  Next class period:  the tissue that was once wet is now dry and has "stained" your paper.  Take away any of the extra tissue paper and throw it away.  Look at your beautiful paper!
3)  I do occasionally like to use "how to draw" books.  I like them because it will break down a difficult object to draw down into managable "shapes" for the kids to see and draw. 
So, I had some of the pictures of dinosaurs on paper so the kids could feel success at drawing dinosaurs.
 4)  After outlining in black sharpie, students colored in their dinosaurs with oil pastels. 

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