Thursday, September 27, 2012


 6th graders get to make their own STAR SHIRTS.  STAR at our school stands for: 
Shows respect
Treats others with kindness
Acts Responsibly
Reaches for our best together
On STAR days kids get together in STAR groups to talk about being good citizens and making good choices.  We get together about once a month for these activities....
 Kindergarten through 5th grade already have "STAR SHIRTS" that were designed by me...  :)  and they are supposed to wear them for every STAR day...  Well, 6th grade is special because they get to tie-dye and make their own STAR shirts.  NICE!  I love the way they turned out! 
CAUTION:  word to the wise:  Make a note to take home to the parents before hand about wearing old clothes the day they do tie-dye...  If it gets on their clothing...  it's dye- it will be there forever. 

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