Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Picasso Guitars

I began this lesson by introducing students to the artist Pablo Picasso.  I read the book "Getting to Know the Worlds Great Artists" by Mike Venezia.  
After getting an introduction to the artwork and life of Picasso, we looked at the many paintings collages, and artwork the Picasso made with the subject matter of GUITARS!!!
Students were given directions on a sheet of paper to complete which option they wanted to do. Here are some of their pieces of work:
 I'm so happy with this project!!!  It was probably one of my most favorite projects of the school year because there was an equal amount of students that chose each project.  Choice number 1 (above) was a "Contemporary Guitar"  Students made a weaving on black and white paper.  Then on another sheet of paper students made a modern style (Contemporary) guitar.
 Choice #2 Students could make a "Monochromatic Guitar" (meaning all one color + white and black).  The variety of materials gave them different shades and tints to make their project interesting to look at.  Colored pencils, oil pastels, crayon, marker, watercolors could be used.
Choice #3:  Students could make a collage.  An array of materials assembled in interesting ways make up a collage.  It can include toilet paper rolls, scrapbook papers, yarn, buttons, glitter....  These are just some of the materials that made up the collages.

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