Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Symmetrical Masks

 WOW!  These Symmetrical Masks are always one of my favorite projects to do with students.  They do an amazing job coming up with unique patterns and designs.  This idea came from a very old Arts and Activities magazine. 
Here's what we did.  I have examples of different handouts of masks from around the world and different cultures.  We look at it for ideas- but I encourage students to use their own ideas as well.  First they fold a sheet of 12x18" paper in half.  Draw 1/2 of the mask on the fold line (check their work because they may draw 1/2 of it on the wrong side).  Encourage them to add their own designs for facial features and head dresses.
After they draw the image outline with a black crayon and transfer with a craft stick.  When they color with crayon I ask that they limit their color choices to 4, 5, or 6 crayon colors to create "UNITY" throughout their piece.  Also- color thick/hard with your crayon.  When the students are done coloring we "age" the mask by painting on a thinned down black tempera paint.  The crayon should resist the majority of the paint but also you may have to dab at the paint with a towel to take off any extra paints. 
Students then cut around their mask shape and add some decorative elements to their piece with yarn, raffia, oil pastel, and patterned papers.  LOVE IT!!!

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