Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Symmetrical/Positive/Negative Shapes

 I love how this project turns out.  It's a typical Positive/Negative Shape assignment.  The more complicated the design the more difficult it is....
Directions:  Take 1/2 sheet of 12x18" paper (It will be 6x18").  Draw shapes that do not touch.  Encourage students to use the space.  Many times the shapes do not utilize the whole sheet of paper and their project becomes too "easy" and too boring to look at.  I also have the students put an "x" on the negative shapes that will be cut and glued to the other side.... so that it's a little easier to know which part moves over to the other side of the full 12x18" sheet.  I demonstrate this on the elmo, on the board because there can be some "craftsmanship issues" if the gluing isn't done well.  The examples here have done an excellent job.  I do show some "non-examples" of student work that just is sloppy.  I think that helps them to understand what I'm expecting them to do.

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